Are you a learning organization?

In 1990 Peter Senge authored a book, “The Fifth Discipline” presenting his concept of how an organization might become a learning organization, the concept is interesting to say the least. The question is whether it is attainable by a builder or construction company. And the answer is totally up to the leadership in the company. There are, according to Senge, five basic disciplines involved in becoming a learning organization:

  • Systems thinking
  • Personal mastery
  • Mental models
  • Building shared vision
  • Team learning

Let’s take a look a the first one, systems thinking.

Senge states that when faced with problems the standard response is aimed at short term responses. While a quick correction is temporarily gratifying it often does not consider long term consequences. This leads the need for constant corrections, chaos and frustration for the organization.

Future posts will provide ways to help builders and contractors to create a learning organization. Come with me on this journey, you will like it.